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The AC adaptor plugs into the back corner of the left side of your OmniBook.The reset button is directly under the power connection. A little door to the right of the power connection opens to reveal the parallel port to connect your printer.
Modem Cables Your modem connections are on the back corner of the right side of your OmniBook. Look closely at the small end of each cable, and you will see a diagram showing which port the cable plugs into. The EtherNet cable plugs into the left side of your modem; the phone cable plugs into the right side. You only need to plug in the one you plan to use. (If you look closely at the ports on the red Xircom end of the cables, you will notice that the EtherNet port is larger than the phone port.) When you have a cable plugged in, do not tilt your OmniBook to the right; the cables are easily damaged. To remove a cable, squeeze the silver buttons on either side of the cable next to the computer.
Mouse The red "nose" on your keyboard is used to move your mouse cursor. The left button below the space bar is used for most clicking. The right mouse button has other options.
Back Behind the doors on the back of your OmniBook are additional ports: the infrared port and serial port on the left; mouse or keyboard, VHS out, and SVGA out in the center; and the docking port on the right.

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