The Partnerships Involving the Scientific Community in Elementary Schools (PISCES) Project has served over 200 teachers in over 40 schools throughout San Diego County, the North Slope of Alaska, and Baja California Sur, Mexico. Teachers are partnered with "Science Corps", university graduate and undergraduate science majors, to plan and implement a standards-based science unit using hands-on, inquiry-based instructional materials. These long-term teaching relationships encourage lasting change in K-6 teachers' attitudes about science, as well as their content knowledge. In San Diego County alone, PISCES has served over 150 classrooms. This classroom intervention, along with additional professional development institutes, have resulted in more than 10,980 hours of support using more than 40 different hands-on science curriculum kits and a resource library of over 500 books and videos.


PISCES strives to enhance science teaching and learning in classrooms by partnering university graduate and advanced undergraduate science fellows (Science Corps) with teachers and local scientists.


For elementary teachers to have access to materials, curriculum and support to be knowledgeable and confident enough to consistently teach inquiry-centered science.


The elementary school years are when children form attitudes and beliefs about the way things work; they are curious and thirsty for information. It has been documented that elementary teachers typically are not well prepared in science content and lack confidence teaching science. The PISCES Project demonstrates for teachers and their students that questions, not answers, are valued in science learning and that investigations and experiments are at the heart of the discipline. The Science Corps serve as role models for students and content experts for teachers to build confidence and competence for all.


Short term (1-2 years, current academic year and 2004-2005) Long term (Septermber 2005 - June 2008)

The PISCES Project is a program of SDSU, SDSA, and SDCOE

PISCES Project Supporters

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