FOSS - Magnetism and Electricity

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Kit Information

Grade: 4
Type: Physical Science
In this unit students are expected to

• Observe the interaction of permanent magnets with a variety of common materials.
• Discover that magnets display forces of attraction and repulsion.
• Measure the change in force between two magnets as the distance between them changes.
• Understand and construct open, closed, parallel, and series circuits.
• Identify a number of materials that are conductors and insulators.
• Learn how to make an electromagnet.
• Experience the relationship between the number of turns of wire around an electromagnet core and the strength of magnetism.
• Use their knowledge of electromagnets to make a telegraph.
• Acquire the vocabulary associated with magnetism and electricity.
• Develop and refine the manipulative skills required for making investigations in magnetism and electricity.
• Gain experiences that contribute to their understanding of several pervasive themes that point out connections among scientific ideas and processes: PATTERN, STRUCTURE, INTERACTION, CHANGE.

Core Concepts

• Electricity is a form of energy. The movement of electrons from one point to another and back to the starting point is known as electricity.
• Electricity travels through certain materials when circuits are closed.
• Current electricity creates a magnetic field.


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