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Grade: 5
Type: Life Science
Students examine everyday objects as well as microorganisms with a variety of magnifying devices. They begin by investigating several common objects with the unaided eye. Using a variety of lenses, including hand lenses, acrylic spheres, and water drops, they learn that a magnifying lens must be transparent and curved. Next, students use a microscope to view inanimate objects. They learn proper focusing and lighting techniques, as well as how to prepare slides. Students prepare a section of onion skin and observe its cells. Students’ attention then turns to living specimens. Using a microscope, they view three microorganisms—Volvox, Blepharisma, and the vinegar eel. They study the cell structure of these organisms and observe how the organisms feed, grow, and multiply. In a final challenge, students use the microscope to examine cultures they have grown from hay and grass infusions.

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