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Grade: 1
Type: Life Science
In this unit students explore the similarities and differences between plants and animals. Through their experiences, students are introduced to the following concepts, skills, and attitudes.

• We use our senses to observe the world around us.
• Organisms have basic needs, such as food, water, air, space, and shelter.
• Each type of organism has specific needs, such as type of food, amount of water, amount of light, amount of space, and type of shelter.
• There is a wide diversity of living things on earth.
• Organisms grow, change, and die over time.
• Some plants grow from seeds. The roots grow first and then the stem.
• Plants have similarities, such as the ability to grow and the need for food, water, space, and shelter.
• Plants and animals have similarities, such as basic needs, ability to grow and change, and death.
• Humans are similar to other organisms. Humans have basic needs and also grow, change, and die.

• Observing and describing the characteristics of seeds and plants.
• Planting seeds and observing and recording their growth.
• Observing and describing the characteristics of a variety of plants and animals in woodland and freshwater environments.
• Recording observations in words and drawings.
• Making comparisons among a variety of plants and animals.
• Communicating ideas through writing, drawing, and discussion.
• Reading to enhance understanding of the basic needs of organisms and the diversity of life.
• Applying what students know about plants and animals to what students know about themselves.
• Maintaining plants and animals outside their natural environments.

• Developing interest in exploring the characteristics of plants and animals.
• Gaining an awareness of the diversity of life.
• Developing positive attitudes toward different forms of life.
• Developing an awareness that humans are similar to other living things.
• Developing a sensitivity to the needs of living things.


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