FOSS - Measurement

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Kit Information

Grade: 2
Type: Physical Science
This kit consists of four investigations, each designed to emphasize a particular type of metric measurement; length, mass, temperature, and volume. It teaches the skills needed to perform experimentation as students progress through school.

FOSS expects students to..
• Understand the necessity for standard units of measurement.
• Develop an understanding and intuitive feel for the metric system.
• Measure length and distance in meters and centimeters with a meter tape.
• Measure mass in grams with a balance and mass pieces.
• Measure liquid volume and capacity of containers in liters and milliliters with 50-ml syringes and graduated cylinders.
• Measure temperature of liquids and air in degrees Celsius with a thermometer.
• Acquire the vocabulary associated with metric measurement.
• Apply appropriate measuring skills in everyday situations.
• Develop and refine the manipulative skills required for making and using measuring tools.
• Use scientific thinking processes to conduct investigations and build explanations: observing, communicating, comparing, and organizing.

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