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     Many principal investigators who apply for research funds from the National Science Foundation and other sources are denied because of the lack of a specific educational outreach component. The PISCES program (Partnership Involving the Scientific Community and Elementary Schools) is an NSF-funded educational outreach study which is seeking to extend its work beyond the current funding cycle. By partnering with PISCES, principal investigators will fulfill the educational outreach requirement of the NSF, have the opportunity to share their research with a large group of young students, and support the education of a new generation of scientists through proven methods.

     A partnership with PISCES makes the funding proposal process simple. We have written a template describing the program which can be modified and inserted into any application. We only need to decide at what level you'd like to share the progress of your study with PISCES classrooms. This could range from simply reporting your results via the graduate student teachers to inviting a classroom to visit your study site or laboratory.

     The PISCES program reaches many groups currently underrepresented in science, which means it fulfills this important requirement for NSF proposals. San Diego county schools have a diverse student body, and we currently partner with schools in La Paz, Mexico and in the Native American communities on the north slope of Alaska. Also, the PISCES program has proven results which can be demonstrated to potential funding sources. The program also has a review component which surveys student and teacher knowledge and attitudes. Statistical comparison with control classrooms demonstrates the positive effects the program has had on elementary school science instruction.

     We invite you to learn more about the PISCES program and how you can become involved through research grant support. Please contact us:
Debbie DeRoma
Phone: (619) 594-7343
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The PISCES Project is a program of SDSU, SDSA, and SDCOE

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